Murray Rothbard

The Enemy of the State is now
emblazoned on a commemorative coin!

The Story

The American Open Currency Standard is proud to announce the release of the official Murray Rothbard Silver Medallion crafted exclusively for the Ludwig von Mises Institute. This proof-like medallion is the second in the prestigious Mises Institute Silver Collection commemorating the contributions of notable advocates of the Austrian school of economic thought.

President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Douglas French, said “It is a wonderful coin that honors a fantastic scholar. As his libertarian ideas draw increasing attention, it is a perfect time to release this piece. The world has come to Murray. His ideas are proving to be more prescient than ever. I think he would have laughed. It’s too bad he couldn’t be here to see it; he would have loved it.”

The obverse of the medallion features the likeness of a young Murray Rothbard in a contemplative pose that one might imagine he would strike while pondering the growing government interference in the free market and the effect that has on personal liberty. The simple hand-sculpted presentation of Rothbard is striking against a polished, mirrored background and reflects the same understated dignity and impact that he has proven to have in the field of economic and political thought.

mises-coin-reverseThe reverse is adorned with detail from the von Mises family crest along with the words: “LIBERTY, PROPERTY, PEACE” – ideals Rothbard promoted through his many books and articles. This side also carries the weight and purity declarations: “ONE TROY OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER”.


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